MIConnect Monthly

For readers who enjoy their news on-screen, we provide MIConnect Weekly, an e-newsletter that interacts with the Conference website to provide news and views.

For readers who prefer to have their news in print, we re-package that news in MIConnect Monthly.

MIConnect Monthly is a summary of Michigan Area United Methodist news and General Church news that you received through MIConnect Weekly. This format is an easy to read pdf for download or online reading.

Because over 40 percent of our membership does not have access to high speed Internet, we encourage local churches to download this print edition and then offer photocopies to members and friends of their congregations. We also hope you will pin a copy of MIConnect to your church bulletin board.

We hope you enjoy this new version of MIConnect. We welcome your comments as we develop this new way of connecting with United Methodists from across Michigan.

To read and view the current publication online, click the image below. Note: this is the current edition of MIConnect Monthly.

Click Here to download a pdf

Read, comment, follow and view news and information about the West Michigan Conference.

All of our communications are free and we encourage everyone to join.  

Archival editions of MIConnect Weekly and MI Connect Monthly are available.